Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Farewell Ozzie Guillen

Well, it appears what has seemed inevitable the last couple seasons has finally boiled over and become reality in the Windy City. The relationship between Chicago White Sox (formerly known as the St. Paul Saints) Manager Ozzie Guillen and GM Kenny Williams has been tenuous at best due to the outspoken style that Ozzie brings to the table. This past offseason the White Sox were very aggressive in free agency only to become also rans once again in the Central Division. As a result the deeply bruised relationship between Ozzie & Williams appears to have finally fractured beyond repair.

Multiple sources announced yesterday that Ozzie Guillen is done with the White Sox and will be moving on to the Florida, soon to be Miami, Marlins as the heir apparent to Jack McKeon who is retiring. This is not only a severe blow to the White Sox who Ozzie brought back to respectability and actually helped win a World Series, but it is a blow to baseball and the American League Central Division. Ozzie helped build competitive and respectful rivalries in the division more specifically with the Minnesota Twins.

The Twins frequently stymied the White Sox, even when on paper it seemed like the Sox had the better team. At one point he referred to the Twins small ball players as a bunch of Piranhas. This was not disrespectful but rather a compliment to their style of playing as a team and being relentless, never quitting.

Ozzie Guillen and his style will truly be missed in the AL Central with the game & rivalry diminished as a result. This will be a great opportunity for the soon to be Miami Marlins.

Thank you Ozzie for all you have done for baseball, the AL Central and the rivalries in this division. It won't be the same without you and neither will the White Sox. Their loss will be the greatest and I believe yours is the first of many dominos soon to fall in that organization. Good luck Ozzie!!

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